Punch II

Punch II hand held sprays offer an alternative to tear gas both for self defense and law enforcement use. The active ingredient Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) is an extract of New World red peppers. OC is an inflammatory agent that affects mucous membranes and respiratory tracts as well as causes severe burning of eyes.
PUNCH II is available as a cone shaped mist, coherent stream, or high volume burst delivery. The solution of OC and solvent carrier is designed to be sprayed directly into the face of the attacker.

Effects are an immediate closing of the eyes, uncontrollable coughing, temporary weakness, and loss of coordination. These effects are almost instantaneous and last for about one half hour. No physical treatment is necessary although air movement such as wind or a fan and flushing with water speeds recovery.

PUNCH II is available in four sizes. One half ounces and three quarter ounce sizes feature a twist type safety cap and are carried in leather type pouches for convenience and product protection. These holsters feature an available stainless steel clip for attachment to belt, waistband, purse, sun visor, etc. Affective range is four to six feet.

Two and four ounce sizes are available to the general public as home protection models. Effective range is six to eight feet.

PUNCH II as a non lethal effective organic self defense spray designed for law enforcement now available for civilian use.

A variation PUNCH II 2K3 was developed for law enforcement agencies that use Electronic Intramuscular Disruption weapons (EID).

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