Punch II 2K3

Equipped with Aerko designed actuator – Black cans only, available as a cone shaped mist, coherent stream, or high volume burst delivery.

About This Product

An HFC blend Dymel 134A chosen because it is relatively unaffected by temperature and will maintain a constant internal pressure, resulting in the last shot having the same range as the first shot. Range from 6 – 10 feet. Zero Flammability potential.
Five Percent of 2 million scoville heat unit oleoresin capsicum (OC) in a blend of industrial non-toxic solvents capable of holding a stream yet rapid evaporation on the target. Formulated to penetrate a wet or greased face taking the active ingredient to the nerve endings for maximum effect. Formulated in 2002. (2K3) Specifically for use with electronic stunning devices. Zero Flammability potential
A seamless mono block aluminum can, lined for maximum shelf life. Equipped with the finest aerosol hardware available for long term reliability.
An ultra violet dye indelible and invisible showing the marking only under a black light. Cannot be washed off for a period of at least 24 hours.
The person sprayed will quickly be incapacitated and for a period of approximately 20 minutes will be unable to take concerted action. His skin will burn; his eyelids will involuntarily close; he will have difficulty breathing. His mucus membranes will secrete freely. Most individuals will experience a feeling of panic.
Without treatment the symptoms will clear up in about 20 minutes with no permanent effect. Recovery time be shortened by washing with free-flowing water and soap or by directing a stream of fast flowing air into the face. Use no creams or slaves.
No special procedures or washing are required as material will evaporate. Rate of evaporation can be speeded by increasing the rate of air flow.
PUNCH II STREAMERS is more effective than other products because it is non-flammable, holds a better stream, penetrate fatty outer skin and mark with ultra violet dye. OC is recognized by the Federal Agents as an effective inflammatory agent making PUNCH STREAMER the strongest, most effective agent available to non military users.

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