Freeze + P

FREEZE+ P hand held chemical agents utilize a unique combination of extremely effective Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile (CS) and Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) creating the most intense, incapacitating agent available today.
The synergistic characteristics of CS/OC combination agents to out perform either material alone have been demonstrated in the CLEAROUT system for many years. With the vapor system of CLEAROUT the primary entry point of the inflammatory irritant is inhalation. The strong respiratory effects of OC combined with the severe pain induced by CS magnify each other. Through field evaluation tests by police agencies this has been found to be also true of the CS/OC when delivered topically, through the skin, in the hand held sprays.

FREEZE + P employs the non-flammable solvent blend used in the FREEZE system. Formulated to penetrate skin layer to deliver the active ingredients to the nerve endings quickly for maximum effect. FREEZE +P utilizes one percent CS augmented by .25 percent OC while FREEZE + P contains one percent CS and one percent OC.

FREEZE + P is available in four sizes. 1/2 ounces and 3/4 ounce units feature a twist lock safety and a coherent stream. Two and four ounce sizes are available as coherent stream.

Streamers can be equipped with flip top safety cap instead of standard open top actuator.

FREEZE + P 2K3 is a newer version of the product formulated for use by law enforcement agencies that deploy Electronic Intramuscular Disruption Weapons. (EID)