Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

Oleoresin Capsicum Systems
We now manufacture nine sizes of seven different formulas, and six different delivery systems. Something to fit every need, or so we thought.

For several years people have asked us about making water based Oleoresin Capsicum systems. Since water soluble OC had been available in formulas of only 500,000 Scoville Heat Units and were not as effective as the proven isopropyl alcohol carrier, we never did any development of water based systems beyond study in our own labs. Also our tests showed a tendency for water based OC systems to deliver a foamy broken stream impact.

Now our capsicum supplier has perfected Water Dispersible Oleoresin Capsicum at Two Million SHU. Also the aerosol industry as a whole is moving to water based formulas in such items as hair sprays, insecticides, air fresheners, etc. We’ve been part of that with water based fire extinguishers and paints developed by our contract packaging division.

We now have the ability to manufacture a water based OC spray worthy of the Aerko label, and the ADSM logo. The product PUNCH III containing five percent of Two Million SHU Oleoresin Capsicum WD (water dispersible) is now available.

After the product passed laboratory testing following federal guidelines (it is non-toxic, not a skin or eye irritant and is non flammable), I was the first human test subject.


I must admit my previous experiences (read exposures) with our products and others have been eclipsed by this product. The PUNCH III immediately caused my eyes to shut, and skin to feel the familiar burning sensation. As the fine bubbles of the microfoam broke, they added a cracking sound which I feel will add to the distress of the uninitiated person. As the formula drained from my eyes into the sinuses the burning sensation started inside of my head! Respiratory response, which is usually only slight with any stream type OC product was as positive as traditional OC sprays and just as quick to dissipate. The eye pain and skin burning were much more pronounced. This stuff is hot! hot! hot!

In situations where stream pattern is mandated, or where flammability concerns are an issue, this formula is perfect! I suggest you give it a try. I’m sure you’ll be as excited as I am about this newest product from “The Innovators”