Deep Punch II

“DEEP PUNCH II” is one of the configurations in the PUNCH II weapons system. It is primarily intended to be used during correctional disturbances or in crowd control situation when great flexibility is desired.
Conventional belt carried aerosol chemical weapon may not be suitable for deployment against crowds of unruly persons due to their limited volume of irritant and their narrow projected stream. Liquid projectors provide a better weapon for riot control, but are expensive to acquire and require a degree of maintenance to retain reliability. Pressurized mist devices provide a median between liquid projectors and belt carried sprays.

PURPOSE: DEEP PUNCH II is capable of deploying a moderate volume of irritant material and ultra-violet dye in a fan shaped projection over a range normally met in tactical operation. Its size and moderate cost permit the equipping of a number squad members with DEEP PUNCH II.

CONTENTS: 5% of 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units Oleo Resin Capsicum ( OC ) and ultra violet marking dye dissolved in a blend of solvents designed to project a distance before dispersing to deliver a pressurized mist.

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