Deep Freeze

GROSS WEIGHT: 18.7 oz.
NET WEIGHT: 15.7 oz.

This unit is for Law Enforcement Only

Model M-9 has a Distance up to twenty (20’) feet or more. Delivery is a BURST – (Fogger Type)

DEEP FREEZE uses the proven superior non flammable CS/OC blend of FREEZE+P 2K3 in a high capacity canister, equipped with either the burst valve and Actuator on M-9 Handle Set. The DEEP FREEZE is a high volume fogger. Designed as a rapid deployment unit for modifying behavior of groups on people, DEEP FREEZE can be used against individuals in tactical or corrections settings, if situational factors (barricaded position, weapons possessed, potential for injury to officers or subject) are met.
Minimum spray distance, 4 feet, maximum distance 18-20 feet depending on air movement.

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