Custom Filling and Packaging

Aerko can package your material concentrate or help develop an aerosol version. We use environmentally friendly hydrocarbons and zero ozone depletion propellants.

Available size stock cans range from 1/2 ounce to twenty ounces. We can formulate and package your product to deliver soft mist, high volume burst, or direct stream.

We can take your full bodied paint and make aerosol for touch up paints. We can even match your colors! If your products need specialized actuators or attachments, we can source them for you.

Aerko has experience packaging aerosols containing lubricants, adhesive release agents,D-limonene based formulas, surface disinfectant sprays, specialty primer and coatings and power cells utilizing specialty gasses.

We can source any special can, valves, caps or special spray-heads for your product.

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