Clear Out Auto-Ejector

Auto-Ejector is one of the configurations in the Clear-Out equipment system. These weapons are problems solvers; they are devices designed to meet particular commonplace tactical situations.
All too often in the past, officers have been provided with military types chemical weapons suitable only for use in large scale civil disturbances or in “siege” type operations. The day to day consideration of modern police operations have been largely ignored by the chemical weapons industry.

The Clear-Out system provides a family of weapons designed by a team of professional police officers and weapons technicians who which deal with real life street problems. Their low price and compact size permit departments to equip patrol units with a variety of chemical weapons designed for specific situations. Auto-Ejector is one of those choices.

The purpose of the Auto-Ejector is to permit the injection of an irritant cloud into a vehicle such as an automobile, motor home or aircraft without resultant property damage.

The Auto-Ejector contains 1% Orthochlorobenzalmolonitrile (CS), 1% Oleo Resin Capsicum (OC) and an ultra violet marking dye dissolved in a blend of highly volatile non-flammable solvents.

The Auto-Ejector is available in a seamless monoblock aluminum can with valve, actuator, a short length of flexible tubing and a 4.5 inch stainless steel needle.

Deployment: Pass the needle through the rubber gasket around the door or window; depress the actuator for 2 to 3 seconds. Remove needle and step back so that the subject exit from the vehicle. This short burst be sufficient for a passenger car; larger vehicles such as motor homes and aircraft require a slightly longer dispersion time.

Location of the insertion of the needle will vary by vehicle model and manufacturer; in some cases dispersion be accomplished through the vehicle ventilation system.

Material exiting the needle will immediately vaporize and expand to fill the entire compartment.

The Auto-Ejector be purchased individually or as a component of Command Pak.

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